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Black Horse Remote

Program Options :

1- Full Administration Tool

2- No need Open Ports to use this software - software is working with our vpn system to make u enjoy software without any problem or u can use new upnp option

3- Show Processes List with ability to end any process

4- Live viewer ( ability to see pc of person like teamviewer +  automaticly save pictures )

5- File Manager - u can browse all files with ability to download any file or delete or rename - with ability to search files

6- Audio Capture - u can hear other person with ability to edit quality and channel etc

7 - SMS report - u can get sms when any person online

8 - Auto no-ip Updater - to update ur no ip easy

9-  Upload any File and execute it

10- Keylogger to get everything typed & all copied data

11-  Ym Password Grabber - to get all ym passwords 9,10 etc

12- Cam Viewer To see Webcam of any person if cam is online

13- Chat option To  force other person to chat with u

14-  Shutdown - reboot - loggoff Pc - anytime u want

15-Exe Deception to increase server size as u want ( if ur server size 80kb u can increase it to 90kb )

16-Working with Vista - Xp - Windows 7

17 - File Version updater - to update file version ,copyright,comments,etc

18-Smart Extension - to create shortcuts for file as ( txt ,jpg,wav,gif,png) New

19 - u can create server as bat, exe,scr,cmd,pif extension

20 - Full undetected - and we update every 15 days

21 - Upnp ( Automatic Port Forward ) without using vpn

22 -  Cmd Option : u can send cmd commands using bhr cmd window

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Price : 80$/ 1 Year

Only 6 months free updates

By ( Paypal )

Order Now by Western Union  mail us to get info

if u want order by liberty send us mail so we send u Account Number to send to it

After Payment Done Plz  send us mail on contain ur Wu info to Active ur serivce

u will get ur service 12 - 24 hours

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